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What We Do/ How We Help

 Operation Help a Hero hosts events in appreciation of military families, to include:

~Holiday parties: Halloween, Christmas, Valentine, Fourth of July, Easter and Thanksgiving

 Lovely LeeAnna Richardson of 3/5 posing for her Valentine Card to send off to hubby.

~OHH Baby showers: For military spouses with husband's deployed
   1/5's pregnant and new mommies pose with our volunteers after the March 1st baby shower.

~Mid-way parties: to celebrate making it half-way parties

~Spring Carnivals: For military children

~Banner Parties to Prepare for Return Festivities
~Operation Bedtime Story Predeployment Program for Military Moms and Dads

Operation Bedtime Story is what we call our efforts to record service members reading children's books to their kids. Once the message is recorded (prior to deployment), we send out a surprise package with a copy of the book read on video. Children love these videos that serve as a keepsake when the deployment is over.
 ~Operation Christmas Spirit
Operation Christmas Spirit supports Camp Pendleton families, specifically with their holiday needs. Our efforts benefit:
~Deployed battalions (truckloads of toys and goodies)
~Struggling families (gift baskets filled with toys, gifts, gift cards and between $300-$500 per basket)
~Wounded Warriors (i-pods and i-tunes gift cards for the Wounded Warrior House and Balboa Naval Hospital)
~Camp Pendleton Unit Christmas Parties (goody bags and raffle prizes collected for unit Christmas Parties)
Volunteers Prepare Rack Presents for 1/5's Return from Iraq

~Operation Rack Pack
Operation Rack Presents works to thank single Marines returning to the barracks
after deployment. Believe it or not, many Marines --especially the single ones-- come home to no one. They will often return to their barracks rooms with all their belongings in storage. Operation Rack Presents offers commands the opportunity to have cold drinks, gifts, clothing and food waiting for their Marines upon their return.
~Pen Pal Support 
Operation Help A Hero can provide pen pal and care package support to those units willing to provide names and mailing information to our organization. This is the rock upon which our organization was built, and we've become very efficient with matching pen pals with Marines. Lasting friendships have been formed, and our volunteers/families love having a personal connection with our local heroes.
~Support for Families in Crisis
Operation Help A Hero's volunteers can also provide aid to military families in crisis. Our efforts have helped families geographically separated move to be with one another, Marines cover legal fees for custody of their children, families struggling financially and veteran's families pay for funeral/burial costs.
~Fundraising Efforts to Support Special Needs
Operation Help A Hero can help units raise funds or collect items needed to support the morale of their families. Whether it's aid in funding Marine Corps Birthday Balls, assistance with fundraising for family events or coming up with funds to assist family members of injured warrior while they maintain a job, we can help you in your fundraising efforts. 
~Build Your Own Care Package Activities