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Operation Rack Pack Spring 2010 for Third Battalion, Fourth Marines 

List of Donors, Volunteers and Members of the Community Who Made it All Happen...

A Special Thank You to Everyone Involved!
Operation Help a Hero would like to thank EVERYONE who contributed to the success of our most recent Operation Rack Pack project. 
Through your assistance, we:
  • Collected donations with an estimated value of around $60,000 for 600 Marines returning from duty in Afghanistan
  • Collected 100's of additional donations to be used for future projects, to include care package parties, ORP drives, baby showers, and more...
  • Gave 3/4 additional gift cards/movie tickets to raffle out to families at their welcome home festivities
  • Created thousands of beautiful welcome home bags, posters and letters
  • "Maxed out" 12 command-selected Marines with extra special gift bags 
  • Presented each of the 600 Marines with specially prepared towel sets and gift cards
  • Cleaned out and prepared roughly 300 rooms and left materials for the preparation of additional rooms
  • Traveled, with a group of INCREDIBLE kids (from St. John's School), parents, staff members and volunteers to 29 Palms
Thank you to our very special board members who played very important roles in the success of this project:
~Paula Cascella: The St. John's MMT leader, field trip and volunteer coordinator
~Wendy Ruiz: Assembly line coordinator and organization queen
~Laura Hopper: Our "Adopt-a-Marine" package coordinator
~Nancy Babcock: Our "I'll do anything you need" gal!
All of our board members contributed to the success of this project, whether it was through spreading the word, bringing on board other groups 
who assisted or selfless acts of service behind the scenes. Thank you to our incredible OHH team!!!
Businesses in Support 
of ORP
We would like to thank the following businesses for their generous contributions to Operation Rack Pack:




Schools in Support of ORP
~St. John's Elementary School Drive generated hundreds of toiletry donations in addition to 150 Jack in the Box "free chicken sandwich cards"
~St. John's Middle School's Drive generated donations in the form of gift cards, toiletries, towels, posters, cleaning supplies, snacks and more!
~St. John's Marine Ministries Team, led by Paula Cascella, decorated more than 800 welcome home bags, created hundreds of welcome home posters/cards, tied over 450 towel sets, prepared gift cards with special OHH thank you sentiments and much more! St. John's MMT, along with parent/staff volunteers, were the hard working souls who traveled to 29 Palms to prepare the barracks rooms.

~Oso Grande Elementary School provided us with a SHOCKING amount of donations! This was our first partnership event with Oso Grande Elementary School, and we honestly wouldn't have been able to pull it off without their donations/efforts! Their donations included lots of toiletries, towels, gift cards, beautifully decorated boxes, tear-jerking welcome home letters, women's toiletry items (which we will use for our Operation Christmas Spirit project) and around 400 children's books (to be used for our Operation Bedtime Stories project). A very special thank you to Lisa Ross and the Oso Grande PTA! 

~Ladera Ranch Elementary School collected hundreds of toiletries, girl scout cookies and goodies for our project. They also gave us very touching, adorable personal cards from their kiddos that we KNOW the Marines will really enjoy! Thank you especially to Lori McClaskey and the PTA!
~Ladera Ranch Middle School is one of our charter OHH schools, led by Lesli Smolinski and Ren Morey. They have contributed to our barracks drives since the 2006/2007 school year. This year, LRMS attempted to collect snacks for ORP in the middle of the student walk-out and beginnings of a teacher strike. In the middle of it all, they were worried about the Marines. We've asked them to hang on to what they were able to collect for our next project and a time that they can truly enjoy the hand-off and fruit of their labor. Please keep the teachers, faculty, PTA, kids and all of Capo School Districts families in your prayers!

~Through the leadership of Michele Chenault, the kids of Castille Elementary began a drive for OHH just a week before the Capo School Strike also effected their school. In one short week, their efforts produced an unbelievable amount of donations we were able to use for our 3/4 drive and even more for our future drives. Again, please keep the families and staff effected by the strike in your prayers! PS: Michele you are AMAZING!


~De Portola Elementary of Mission Viejo and Robert H. Lange Christian Preschool also have begun donation collections for OHH and Operation Rack Pack thanks to Michele Chenault's ability to bring members of our community together. Thanks for your generosity!!
Groups in Support of ORP
~Girl Scout Troop 1157: donated hundreds of snacks, toiletries and much needed gift cards!
 Thank you!
~Girl Scout Troop : donated 37 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. 
The Marines will surely enjoy these special treats!

~Boy Scout Troop #: donated supplies and organized our pre-packaged paper/plastic ware 
used in each of the barracks rooms. Thanks, boys for all your hard work! 
~GuysGiveNBack: Led by Christy Wrightson, this group of 18 7th grade boys and their moms 
donated cleaning supplies and put together our cleaning buckets for the barracks work day. 
Thanks so much, GGNB!

~Crossline Community Church – Heartline Women’s Ministry

~Blessings of Little Hands Ministry, led by Michele Chenault

~American Legion Post #291 and The City of Costa Mesa's 1/5 Support Group

 led by Fred Arnold and Jim Kaylor

  Special Donations Given 
in Memory 
of a Korean War Vet and 
Beloved Family Member, 
Attilio Lupacchini
 Generous donations from the McClaskey, Pecci, and Lupacchini families were given to celebrate the memory of their family member, Attilio Lupacchini, a Korean War Hero. 

Attilio Lupacchini  was one of the last B-1-7 Marines to die at the Chosin Reservoir before the evacuation.

We are humbled by the fact that  you have chosen an OHH project to honor Attilio's memory, and the more we learn about him, the more we know his memory lives on through his family and his Marine brothers. 

Individuals/Families in Support of ORP
  • The Levey Family   
  • The Stone Family
  • The Fisher Family
  • The Lanham Family
  • The Babcock Family
  • The Walters Family
  • The Shimokaji Family
  • The Desper Family (and a special thank you to Ellen -- a sixth grader-- who donated $100 of her personal money!)
  • The Ruiz Family
  • The Callahan Family
  • The Farnum Family
  • The Hopper Family
  • The Wrightson Family
  • The McClaskey Family
  • The Lupacchini Family
  • The Pecci Family
  • The Wiser Family
  • The Carlson Family
  • The Whelan Family
  • The Merritt Family
  • The Watson Family
  • The Angelich Family
  • The Kingsley Family
  • The Miller Family
  • Delanie Spector and mom, Melodie Gordon
  • The Reed Family (Axel)
  • The Flint Family
  • The Sciacqua Family
  • The Wackeen Family
  • The Schultz Family
  • The O'Brien Family
  • The Blye Family
  • The Castner Family
  • The Byron Family
  • The Sperry Family
  • Jim Kaylor
  • Fred Arnold
  • Donald Heller-Mogilski (in honor of Sharon Wackeen and her mother, a Marine in the 1950s!)
  • Paula Cascella
  • Mario Fernandez
  • Michelle Parry
  • The Reed Family (Michelle)
  • The Svensson Family
  • The Nen Family
  • Emilie Bach Condie
  • Kurtz Family
  • Grier Family
  • Schaffer Family
  • Jenkins Family
  • Buononato Family
  • Henderson Family
  • Hershorin Family
  • McNally Family
  • Bozorgmehri Family
  • Willis Family
  • Perkins Family
  • The Kent Family
  • The Merli Family
  • The Conrad Family
  • The Farnum's RSM neighbors!
  • The Jones Family (Austin)
  • The Perucci Family (Jack in the Box)
The Perucci Family The Perucci Family