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OHH Focus: Deployed Units
Operation Help A Hero's focus is supporting deploying/deployed units. When units deploy, we offer to help the unit in THREE ways; they can choose THREE projects for us to coordinate or support in the 8 month deployment cycle (predeployment build-up, deployment support at home and/or abroad, and return/homecoming support).

We do plan out our projects 4-6 months in advance, so it's important for deploying units to contact us right away to sign up for our help. 

We typically coordinate ONE event per month due to fundraising efforts required.

Pre-deployment Support


Operation Bedtime Story

Operation Help A Hero can arrange video recording sessions to give your unit's members an opportunity to make personal messages and book readings on DVD. We then mail out the DVDs with the book read and chocolates for mom the week of deployment as a surprise.

Our FALL/WINTER 2011 project application deadline will be May 31st! 

Deployed Unit Project/Support THREE Choices:
Operation Rack Pack Barracks Project
Operation Christmas Spirit
Unit event assistance
Operation Bedtime Stories 
OHH Baby Showers for new and expecting mommies
Mom's Day Off Kiddie Day Camp Events
Deployment Support

Pen Pal Coordination, Operation Christmas Spirit, OHH Baby Showers and More...

Operation Help A Hero can coordinate pen pals with your deployed unit and provide the mail/care package support your unit needs to boost morale. Our Operation Christmas Spirit Drive can support your families in need over the holiday season. Our baby showers can pamper your unit's mommyNeed specific items collected to support your troops overseas? Let us know how we can help you.

Contact Us for Unit Support Today
Please contact Cindy Farnum at cfarnum@operationhelpahero.com to sign your unit up for OHH programs. 
After initial contact, you will be sent a unit "application" to fill out. We do require that the person to initiate this contact be a member of the command team or a FRO. 
Contact Cindy Farnum at  cfarnum@operationhelpahero.com for more information. 
Please know we "book" our projects 4-6 months in advance when possible and typically commit to only one major event a month. Initiating contact with us does not guarantee anything, but we promise we will do whatever it takes to support your unit while deployed! We haven't had to say no to a deployed unit yet, but we are getting lots of requests.

Return and Reunion Support 

Operation Rack Presents, Banner Parties and More...

Operation Help A Hero's Operation Rack Presents Drive can help support your single Marines/Sailors returning to barracks rooms after deployment. ORP supplies gifts, posters and a clean room for each young service member returning to barracks. Our banner parties provide a celebratory atmosphere as spouses and family members create banners to welcome your Marines/Sailors home.

Help with events

Operation Help A Hero specializes in assisting units with holiday parties and family events. We have volunteers of all ages and abilities who enjoy pampering military family members and spending the day supporting units who need assistance.

Contact us with questions about how we can support you.

View a one-page overview of what we do for units.

Assistance for families in crisis

If you have a family or military member whose struggle is not assisted by proper military channels, contact us. We will try our best to help in any way we can.

Please know that Operation Help a Hero does have a program called Operation Enduring Support which focuses on assisting service members in emergency and crisis situations. Because we are a smaller organization and focus the majority of our funds/donations on the large projects, we do ask units/FROs to count on us in case of emergency but to exhaust options with other organizations specifically formed for this type of assistance first (Semper Fi Fund, Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, Operation Homefront, Operation First Response, etc.).  We have great respect for the organizations that focus on assisting families dealing with financial crisis, injuries and loss and do not wish to take away from but support their efforts. Any assistance we provide is on a smaller scale as a short term fix until a long term plan is put in place.

Please note that we do NOT consider budgeting issues/over-spending, rent assistance, wedding costs or divorce assistance for Operation Enduring Support nor do we give out loans. We truly only have the capability of supporting emergency situations.

Click here for our Operation Enduring Support assistance application. PLEASE NOTE:  WE CURRENTLY FOCUS OUR FUNDS TO SUPPORT FAMILIES IN EMERGENCY SITUATIONS (hospitalization, death, injury, extreme circumstances). We hope, through our fall fundraiser to be able to expand this branch of our organization, but in the meantime, please know that there are other organizations that specialize in financial assistance for families struggling with funds. Please refer to Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society . This wonderful organization offers loans and financial assistance to military families struggling with debt or budgeting/pay issues. 

The information shared in these forms is confidential. Please direct your application to Cindy Farnum at cfarnum@operationhelpahero.com

Spiritual support

Our roots are in ministries. Although we do not have religiously affiliated staff members, we do have people who can offer prayer, spiritual support and encouragement for your families interested in assistance of this nature.

Community Connections

We are very blessed to be based in a community that cares. Should your unit want to pursue connections with local schools, churches, girl/boy scout groups and businesses, we will work to help you make those connections.

Fundraising Assistance

  • We can help you collect and gather items your unit may need.
  • We can assist your unit with fundraising events for special events like the Marine Corps Ball or Mid-way parties.
  • We can work to raise funds and conduct drives to support you.